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At Rise, we put the “play” in display. With our tickers, you can build what you want to fit the space you need. For instance, you can go straight, wrap it around corners, run it up a wall vertically, combine vertical with horizontal, curve it, daisy chain them together, etc. You can make it unique to your space! Our flexible installation ensures that it can be mounted from the ceiling or on the wall. We customize it to fit! All Rise tickers are full color, and meet rigorous standards for ETL, UL, CE, CSA, and FCC compliance.

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With our software, you have control from anywhere and can add as many users as you need. The software is completely integrated with our ticker hardware and designed to run for years with no complications. All Rise LED tickers can display images and logos in full color. You can update your ticker from anywhere (including your mobile phone). With our ticker software, you are in complete control to insert your own messages and schedule exactly what shows and when.

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With our many content options, you’ll be able to display whatever you want. Whether you’re looking to display stock quotes, sports scores, the latest headline news, a Twitter feed, or your own messages, Rise Display is the company to trust. We have licensed feeds for stocks, sports, and news in compliance with the exchanges and providers. We have exclusive rights from NASDAQ for U.S. Patents 7,082,398 and 7,778,842 pertaining to the use of company logos in place of text abbreviations with our financial feed.

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