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University Finance Lab

University Finance Lab

Our University Finance Lab team knows you want your business program to stand out.  In order to do that, you need a state-of-the-art finance lab. The problem is the complexity to track down all the different components and vendors can leave you feeling overwhelmed.  We believe building a finance lab at your school shouldn’t be so hard. We understand it can feel overwhelming but we have helped over 400 universities just like you implement these specialized labs.

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Start by scheduling a brief phone consultation.  
  2. We will take your requirements and recommend the components that are right for you.  
  3. Open a finance lab that prepares your students for life on Wall Street.

So don’t get left behind, instead get started today to create your state-of-the-art finance lab.

Finance labs are not typical classrooms, so why design one as such? Don’t just add a scrolling stock ticker to a classroom and call it a lab.  We can help you select the right space, optimize the furniture, select the right display technology, and establish the right project budget to secure funding.  Your lab will become a routine stop on campus tours and a key attraction for high profile donors and alumni, so make it stand out from the other classrooms.

Since no two labs are alike, it is critical to analyze your program’s requirements to determine the proper layout and functionality. We suggest utilizing a designer that has the specific background in lab design. Our consulting architect specializes in the field of strategic planning for trading labs. His credentials include over 30 successful designs in some of the most dynamic spaces opened at leading colleges in recent years. 

With the strategic design, comes professional renderings to help you share the vision of the lab with stakeholders, donors, or sponsors. 

Download Example Renderings

Our partner for strategic planning and design is Gerd Althofer Consulting Architect.  Schedule a Consultation

Don’t use a mishmash of old desks and chairs in your new finance lab.  The proper furniture can make or break your space. In addition to the aesthetics, consider the following: per student desk spacing, desk layout (linear or face to face), cable and wire strapping, proper site lines, collaboration, and unobstructed student and professor viewing. These are all critical aspects of your finance lab furniture design and we are here to help you make the right choices.

As you look at furniture think beyond the lab.  Having a uniform look across the entire building will impress visitors and provide a cohesive atmosphere. Whether it is student seating areas, classrooms, lobbies, break out rooms, board rooms, cafe and dining spaces, professor offices and even outdoor areas.  We offer one stop furniture shopping to put your buying power to work for you. See more educational furniture examples.

Our partner for furniture is Lewis Stevenson. Schedule a Consultation

Let’s face it….a big TV is boring.  With CNBC or Bloomberg TV you aren’t in control and it doesn’t do anything to brand your program.  We have over 25 specific financial designs that can be branded with your school’s colors and show the financial markets and instruments you want to show.  If you have a student managed fund, this is a great way to feature your holdings so at a glance you can see what is positive and negative. When the markets are closed you can promote student clubs, faculty profiles, or student achievements.  You are in control.

Don’t forget to think outside the lab.  Digital signage can be used throughout your building to recognize donors, provide upcoming schedules, promote career programs and much, much more.  We have over 100 education specific templates to help you save time and quickly get your messages out to students, faculty, and visitors.

Our partner for digital signage is Rise Vision.  Schedule a Consultation

Nothing says finance like a LED stock ticker.  Inside the classroom, outside the lab, in the atrium, even on the exterior of your building –  we can help you find the best location to attract attention and create a Wall Street atmosphere.  We can work with you to customize your ticker so it fits the architectural design and personality of your building. Straight, curved, circular, vertical, ceiling hung or wall mounted…let you imagination run wild. 

Browse our site and view photos of other universities or Schedule a Consultation

In today’s fast-changing markets, it’s real-world experience that will best prepare students of business and finance for Wall Street. Theoretical learning won’t provide the advantage your students need to compete in the job market.

After the room is designed it is important to put the right tools on the desktops to provide a real-world learning experience for your students. The tool(s) you select should bring real life, critical financial data and analysis capabilities to the students in a package that is easy to learn, yet robust.

Our partner for market data is Morningstar.  Schedule a Consultation

Before you start flying a plane you start in a simulator, so why not do the same when you start trading financial products.  The best way to learn is trial and error without the risk of losing real money. A trading simulation platform, with real world cases, will facilitate experiential learning by simulating the risks and opportunities associated with particular financial securities based upon the predetermined economic environment. And since it is only simulating trades, the platform will give them real results without impacting real monies. Students will be able to apply relevant theory to derive a strategy to begin to learn how to make real-time decisions when the future is complex and uncertain.

Our partner for trading simulations is Rotman Interactive Trader.  Schedule a Consultation

A virtual trading platform offers college students a realistic simulation of the live global markets. Students benefit from a real-time, streaming platform that features global equities, bonds, options, futures, commodities and more. Professors create their own private contests for their classes by setting the parameters and rules and enrolling their students.  This provides a great introductory class to identify students to participate in your student managed fund and the opportunity to work with a real portfolio.

Our partner for portfolio simulation  is StockTrak. Schedule a Consultation


Does your school offer the important professional CFP certification and or degree program?   Wouldn’t it be advantageous to your school, alumni and finance professionals to have a company that offers quality materials to individuals in order to assist their journey in becoming a CFP® professional.  Schools such as St. Louis University, University of North Florida, and Tallahassee Community College have help candidates obtain their CFP® designation. Finding a company that has programs that offer unique personalized experience with premium industry leading content is critical to their success. Each expert instructor in a partnered program should be a working CFP® professional lending quality instruction by allowing real world experience examples embedded in the curriculum. If you are interested in offering a CFP Board-Registered Education partnered program we have the perfect partner company for your university.

Our partner for financial training is Zahn Associates.  Schedule a Consultation