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Why Rise Hero

Why Rise Display

Our decades of experience installing ticker displays ensure it is easy for our customers to get exactly what they want. You can always find a cheap product manufactured overseas, but we have integrated American made hardware and quality software to get rid of the headaches and confusion.

So why should you buy a quality product from Rise Display?

  1. A complete solution – We are a one stop shop for not only the hardware and software but also the data feeds, installation, and all of the ongoing support. Why does this matter to you? It means if you have questions or anything goes wrong the buck stops with us.
  2. Quality – Manufacturing in the United States provides us complete quality control and our products are certified for the rigorous standards of UL, ETL, CE, CSA, and FCC. That means you won’t have to worry about downtime or issues with a building inspector. To back it up we provide a full 3 year warranty to fix any failures.
  3. Legally licensed content – We provide an easy-to-use web based software along with licensed data in compliance with the exchanges and providers. Additionally we have exclusive rights from NASDAQ for the U.S. Patents 7,082,398 and 7,778,842, allowing you to display company logos in place of text abbreviations. This means your content is legally obtained and you are protected.

Contact Info

Rise Display
216 N Mosley Street #126
Wichita, KS 67202-2808

Our Story

Rise Display was created in 1992 in a joint venture with Reuters to create a software tool for displaying real-time financial information on LED wallboards. In 2001 Rise evolved from a software provider to offering a complete solution consisting of the hardware, software, and data feeds to financial and education clients. In 2008 Rise partnered with Sunrise to improve the tri color (red, green, yellow) ticker technology to full color (16.7 million shades) and make it fully graphical to show quality logos.

We have been passionate about live data and how to display it on LED signs for several decades. That’s why every decision we’ve made has been geared toward reliability.

We have helped thousands of clients just like you establish credibility with live sports score tickers and stock quotes to motivate students, visitors, and customers. Over the last 10 years we’ve installed over 50,000 linear feet of ticker displays across North America.