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Education & School Tickers

Looking for the best LED ticker displays for schools or a finance lab? We manufacture top-of-the-line school tickers to keep your campus of students and faculty informed. Our school tickers can be programmed to display any information you’d like, whether that be campus news and announcements, to financial information for school finance labs, and everything in between.

Create a Wall Street Atmosphere With A Quality LED Ticker Display For Your School

Every finance teacher wants a cool space to teach professional literacy. Something that speaks volumes and says, “We’re serious about teaching our students about the real world of business and what it takes to be successful”, that’s where our LED ticker displays for schools can help!

We understand making your finance lab stand out against competing schools can be overwhelming. We have helped over 500 schools just like yours to be successful in implementing finance labs that attract and engage students with our LED school tickers.

Finance Lab at Christopher Newport University
Finance Lab at Christopher Newport University
Finance Lab at North Central Carolina University
Finance Lab at North Central Carolina University

Make your school’s finance lab the envy of your rivals

The best way to increase enrollment is by providing a state-of-the-art learning facility that prepares your students for the action of Wall Street. Leading finance labs utilize LED stock tickers to show the global markets at a glance. A LED ticker will wow your visitors and parents while attracting potential donors.

Use school ticker displays to become a recognized leader in teaching finance and have students lined up on a waiting list for the chance to attend class.

Styles of School Tickers

A ticker is best when planned into your space, not added as an afterthought. When you select a highly visible location you can create a one-of-a-kind experience that makes your finance lab unique and different from the school down the street. Your primary objective is to get parents and students to stop and say “Wow! That’s cool.”

Trading lab ticker at Indiana State University
Trading lab ticker at Indiana State University


Tickers can be built to any length. We start at 78 inches and can expand in as little as 7.5 inch increments to as long as you need. While the average ticker is around 30 feet in length, we have built displays over 200 feet long for some finance labs.

Ticker with Wrapped Corners at University of Texas at Tyler College of Business
College of Business at University of Texas at Tyler

Wrap Corners

Don’t let the length of your wall dictate the length of your ticker. Our displays are designed to take corners in stride. Inside corners, outside corners, custom angles, wrap the entire finance lab it doesn’t matter. A ticker can turn more than corners. It can turn heads, surrounding your students with live information from any direction.

Flexible, Curved Ticker at University of Northern Colorado
Flexible, curved ticker at University of Northern Colorado

Flexible Curved

Don’t assume your LED ticker has to be mounted on a flat surface. With a LED ticker, we can bend your ticker to fit almost any surface, serpentine, concave, or convex. The cabinet is flexible and designed to form to the shape of your finance lab, no custom engineering required.

Circular Ticker at Saint Francis University
Circular Ticker at Saint Francis University


We can wrap circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces as tight as a 30 inch radius. The circular designs can be on the inside or outside of the circle attached to an existing structure or suspended from the ceiling.

Ceiling Mounted Ticker at the University of Idaho
Ceiling mounted ticker at the University of Idaho

Ceiling Mount

While most tickers are wall-mounted, we can ceiling mount units in front of glass windows or even put ticker cabinets back to back so they face both inside and outside of your finance lab. Most ceiling mounts leverage ½” NPT conduit but we have also suspended tickers with chain or aircraft cable.

Vertical Ticker inside the Finance Lab at Bentley University
Vertical Ticker inside the Finance Lab at Bentley University


When you rotate a LED ticker to travel vertically, it helps draw attention to your finance lab by dressing up structural columns or helping to tie multiple floors together. The data can be news, stock quotes, or any other messages you can dream up that connect with your students. Breaking the traditional rules adds excitement and sets you apart from the ordinary.

Outdoor Ticker at Elon University
Outdoor Ticker at Elon University

Anything Else You Can Dream Up

While the above cover the normal customizations we can also customize the display for your business school by:

  • Matching custom cabinet colors
  • Daisy chain sections together to “jump” openings
  • Weatherproof the cabinet for outdoor installations

Installing an LED ticker display in a school or finance lab offers numerous benefits that enhance communication, information dissemination, and learning experiences.

The LED ticker display provides real-time updates on financial data, stock prices, and market trends, allowing students and professionals to stay informed and engaged with current financial news. This fosters a dynamic learning environment and promotes practical understanding of the finance industry. Additionally, the ticker display can showcase important announcements, news headlines, and school-related information, improving communication efficiency and ensuring that students and staff are well-informed. The visual appeal of the LED ticker display also adds a modern and professional touch to the environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic value of the space.

The scrolling text on the school ticker display can also serve as a motivational tool, displaying inspirational quotes, success stories, or educational messages that inspire students to strive for excellence. Overall, installing an LED ticker display in a school or finance lab enhances the educational experience, facilitates effective communication, and creates an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

School Ticker Display Examples

Check out some of our recent LED school ticker installations for university finance labs, high schools, and other educational spaces: