Sports scores and game updates are critical if you’re a sports bar. They add excitement, up-to-the-minute energy, and a sense of legitimacy to your establishment. With Rise Display tickers you’ll get all the updates on all the games you want. Plus, our ticker software lets you show team logos, not just names. 

Stream the Most Popular Sports Scores On An LED Ticker

Each day show live game updates for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA Division I Football/Basketball. With NCAA college sports you can choose to show the entire line card for division I or show just the AP top 2

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University Ticker Display

Pre-Game Information

Each morning the ticker shows the previous day game scores until 11am then resets to show the current day schedules and, if you chose, the betting odds. Alongside schedules and scores, you can mix in messages, Twitter, and sports news headlines.

Featured Sports Ticker Installs

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