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Rise Financial Marketwall Digital Signage

Display Your Portfolio On any Display

Rise Mobile App

The Rise Mobile App provides an easy to use remote control for your digital signage.

Whether you have one display or dozens, you can manage all displays from one convenient mobile app. For each digital sign you can set the schedule of what you want to play and when. You can also invite your entire team to make updates and contribute images, videos, or update your portfolio holdings.

Visualize Your Portfolio

At a glance you can see the performance of your portfolio in real-time.  From the Rise Mobile App search and select the stocks you want to view on your table or heat map.  The digital sign will provide you a colorful, visual view of all of the companies in your portfolio shown as a simple table or as a heat map.

Student Managed Fund Digital signage
Digital Signage Heat Map for Finance Lab

Digital Display Options

Our content works with any type of screen that accepts an HDMI input for a 16:9 aspect ratio.  You can supply your own displays or we are happy to provide you with a complete display solution using Philips branded screens with Peerless mounts:

50″ 58″ 70″ 75″


 58BFL2114/27 70BFL2114/27


   44.4×25.8×3.2    51.26×29.92×3.19    62.3 x 34.9 x 2.6    66.3 x 38.0 x 3.7

Rise Digital Signage Brochure

Peerless Wall Mount (SF650)

Rise Digital Signage Media Player

Each display will require a Rise Media Player.  The media player is designed to fit nicely behind your chosen LED TV screen and connect via HDMI to show your digital signage content from the Rise Mobile App.

Rise Media Player Specs

Rise Digital Signage Media Player