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Twin Ticker with App

The Rise Ticker App: Software to Easily Control Your LED Ticker

Ticker Software That Puts Current Events at Your Fingertips

The Skybox Fancave LED Ticker App seamlessly connects your ticker with real-time information.

Our innovative software links your LED ticker displays to any feed you choose, whether it’s sports scores, stock market updates, financial news, and more. Designed for ultimate versatility, the app keeps you informed with the latest data, tailored to your interests.

Stay updated on your favorite sports teams, track your investments, or follow breaking news effortlessly. Perfect for sports enthusiasts, financial professionals, or anyone who loves staying in the know, our LED Ticker App brings a dynamic flow of information right to your space.

Experience the convenience and excitement of real-time updates with Skybox Fancave.

rise digital signage mobile app

Take Control of Your Content With The Rise Ticker App

The Rise Ticker App gives you complete control over your LED ticker display.  

Whether you have one ticker or dozens of tickers you can manage all displays from one convenient app.  For each ticker you can set the power save schedule (when the ticker comes on / goes off), the appropriate scroll speed, and ideal brightness.  You can also invite your entire team to make updates and contribute messages.

To enhance your ticker we offer data packages for real-time financial and sports. Data packages can be subscribed to year to year or you can choose to prepay 3 or 5 years at a discounted rate.  We also have perpetual licenses available.

Scheduling Your Messages

The Rise Ticker App lets you easily schedule welcome messages and product promotions or whatever you want your viewers to see. Simply type in a message, select your font size, color, and schedule when it plays.

So plan ahead and welcome VIPs, share a drink special, or promote an event on your LED ticker display.

Rise Ticker App - Messaging

Rise Ticker App + Real-Time Finance Data

With the finance package you can include real-time data with company logos from any of the following instrument lists:

  • NASDAQ 100 
  • Dow 30
  • S&P 100
  • Top 50 Widely Held
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Energy (End of Day)
  • Metals (End of Day)
  • Agriculture (End of Day)
  • Livestock (End of the Day)
  • Forex Rates
  • US Market Indicators

*while our library of logos covers most widely held stocks we do not have logos for all publicly traded instruments.

Rise Ticker + Sports Data

With the sports package includes following sports:

  • NFL – Football
  • MLB – Baseball
  • NBA – Basketball
  • NHL – Hockey
  • NCAA Basketball (All Div I or Top 25)
  • NCAA Football (All Div I or Top 25)
  • MLS Soccer
  • Premier League Soccer

For each sport we provide

  • Pre Game Odds and schedules
  • Live Scores

**Odds are consensus odds

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Rise Ticker App - schedule

Rise Ticker App + Sports & Finance Data

This package combines all of the data from both the Finance Package and the Sports Package. You will get all of the live information for finance and sports along with the ability insert your own announcements and messages.

Bring in your data from Google Sheets

A spreadsheet is an easy way to manage and scroll internal lists of data and metrics to your LED ticker.  We have built templates for the following if you want something easy to get started with, or create your own sheet.

If you have data you want to show and need help creating a Google Sheet, just let us know at [email protected]

Rise Ticker - Google Sheets

Rise Ticker App Costs

We offer different packages based on the content you want to show. **Note Twin Tickers (2 streams) require 2 licenses.

Skybox Newsroom Skybox FanCave Consumer License Rise Display
Basic App
Rise Display
Sports Only
Rise Display
Finance Only
Rise Display
Sports + Finance
Cost $17/mo. $25/mo. $20/mo. $40/mo. $40/mo. $50/mo.
Messages X X X X X
Images X X X X
Newsroom Moderated Feed
(No user interaction)
Sports Scores / Odds X X X
Financial Lists X X
Financial Watchlist X X X
Google Sheets X X X X
Custom Content / API Integration X X X X
Power Save X X X X X
Brightness & Speed Control X X X X X
Display Control X X X X X
Playlist Management X X X X X
Content Scheduling X X X X
Adding Users X X X X X
Daily Monitoring X X X


If you chose to prepay multiple years we offer a 10% discount for a 3 year prepay, and a 20% discount for a 5 year prepay.  We also offer an option for a perpetual license.

Year to year 3 Year
10% discount
5 Year
20% discount
Rise – Basic App $240 $432 $768 $1,680
Rise –  App with Sports or Finance $480 $864 $1,536 $3,360
Rise – App with Sports and Finance $600 $1080 $1,920 $4,200


If you are looking for more information on the Rise Ticker App check out the following helpful links:

As part of your evaluation if you would like a demo username and password for the Rise Ticker App just email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to set you up to try it out.