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Message & News Ticker Content

Stock Quotes and Financial Data

In addition to news tickers, you have complete control to show market movers (gainers, losers, most actives) or create your own watchlist of financial instruments you want to scroll on an LED stock ticker display. You can mix and match 20 minute delayed updates from:

  • Equities (NYSE, Nasdaq, TSX)
  • US Bonds and Currency exchange rates
  • Metals such as gold, silver, copper…..
  • Energy such as crude oil, heating oil, natural gas…..
  • Agriculture such as corn, wheat, cattle, hogs…..

We have the exclusive rights from Nasdaq on two US patents that allow you to show company logos in place of text abbreviations as part of our LED ticker content.

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LED Ticker Displays
Stock ticker at Kansas State University
Sports Bar Tickers
Sportsbar ticker at Muckleshoot Casino

Sports Scores

Sports scores and game updates are critical if you’re a sports bar. They add excitement, up-to-the-minute energy, and a sense of professionalism to your establishment. With our LED sports ticker content you’ll get all the updates along with team logos, not just names. Each day show live game updates for:

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • NCAA Division I Football
  • NCAA Division I Basketball

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Headline News

Breaking stories from around the world – with our LED news ticker content it easy to show the latest news to keep your viewers up to date. You can select from top news, entertainment news, and sports news all licensed from Reuters. You can choose to show just the headline, just a summary, or both together. You can select how many headlines you want to show and in what color.

Want to add content from your own blog or news source to your LED news ticker? You can incorporate any public RSS feed into your ticker. You can also show the latest tweets from your Twitter account or follow popular influencers or hashtags.

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Custom LED ticker at Babson University Boston
Langone Ticker
Messages scrolling on the ticker at Langone Children's Hospital

Scroll Your Messages

With a Rise scrolling ticker, you can program it to say whatever message you’d like. In addition to stocks, sports, and news, our software lets you easily program the display to send welcome messages, updates and offers about your product/services, daily messages or whatever you want your visitors to see. Simply type in a message, select your font and color, and schedule when it plays.

So plan ahead and welcome VIPs, share a drink special, or promote an event on your LED ticker display.

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