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Outdoor Scrolling Ticker

Custom & Scrolling Tickers

Scrolling LED Ticker Stairs

Scrolling LED displays can transform an ordinary staircase into a dynamic messaging. This example at Lincoln Center has over 5,000 feet of LED showing welcome messages in every language around the world.

If you need help lighting up your staircase with an LED scrolling ticker, we can help.

Lincoln Center LED Stair Display
Scrolling LED stairs at Lincoln Center
Motorola Subway Map Display
LED Subway map of Chicago at Motorola

LED Artwork

For years artists have used LEDs to create unique shapes and bring meaningful text into public areas. This example shows Motorola’s trendy breakroom with a design that mirrors a map of the Chicago subway system and is color-coded to represent the 9 commuter rails and over 100 feet of scrolling ticker.

Indoors or outdoors, short or tall, challenge us with your unique artistic requirement.

LED Donor Walls

Small LED strips of varying length can be incorporated into a digital LED donor wall to show more than just donor names, but also quotes and messages of thanks all programmed remotely and dynamically.

If you are looking for a unique way to thank sponsors and donors consider a scrolling ticker.

Syracuse Message Display Ticker
Small scrolling tickers to show donor information at Syracuse University
Archway Ticker
A custom scrolling ticker wrapping the archway at Aloft hotel Philadelphia

LED Archway

While it is easy to form our scrolling ticker displays to curved horizontal surfaces, you can also wrap a door archway to provide a unique experience users can walk under. This LED archway was part of the renovation of the historic Liberty Title and Trust building to the Aloft hotel in downtown Philadelphia.

Don’t limit your thinking to traditional walls, we can wrap anything with a scrolling ticker display.

LED Ticket Window

Whether you are at a casino, museum, sporting event, or any other place where you need to pick a line, a LED ticket window display helps communicate which line a guest should stand in. The displays can be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted and are designed to be bright enough to compete with bright ambient conditions.

Help your customers select the best line at a glance.

Ticket Booth LED Display
LED Ticket displays help direct customers to the proper line
Custom Outdoor Ticker Display
An outdoor scrolling ticker at Elon University

Outdoor LED Ticker

Whether you need a school of business ticker, bank, or sports bar ticker- when people pass your business how do you put your credibility on display? Think of a scrolling ticker as a “barber shop pole” to add visual appeal to your building and attract attention from hundreds of feet away.

LED Datawall

When you need to show the financial markets at a glance or the holdings of a student-managed fund, a LED datawall is the best bet. If you need something larger than an LCD TV and want to avoid the bezels from a video wall, a LED Datawall uses either 2.5mm or 5mm pixel spacing to create a large, seamless canvas to show your market information.

LED Stock Ticker Board
University of North Carolina Wilmington LED Datawall