Ticker Display Hardware

Made in the USA

A LED Ticker is ideal for displaying your messages, stock quotes, and sports scores for indoor use. All Rise LED Tickers can display images and logos in full color. Ticker displays can be built to any length, and most models are flexible, which allows you to shape your display to fit curved concave or convex surfaces.

LED Ticker Software

Licensed content

Select your content, set the scroll speed, and configure the ideal brightness. Create a playlist with a combination of stocks, sports, news, Twitter, RSS or messages that continually scrolls on your LED Ticker or create schedules to determine when specific content / messages play.

Digital Signage

Wow Donors and Students

Rise Vision is a Digital Signage content management system. Securely log in to the cloud-based software and you can design, schedule, and display content to ensure your message will get noticed on displays, video walls, and touch screens.

Why Choose Rise Display

We have over 25 years experience providing LED Ticker software and displays.


Quality Craftsmanship

All of our Scrolling LED Ticker Displays are manufactured in the USA ensuring complete quality control of all components from start to finish.

Our displays meet the rigorous certifications standards for ETL, CE, UL, and FCC.


Legally Licensed Content

Our financial data is supplied by Thomson Reuters and legally reported to and licensed by the various US exchanges.

To protect our users, we have secured the exclusive rights from NASDAQ for U.S. Patents 7,082,398 and 7,778,842 pertaining to the use of company logos in place of text abbreviations.


Flexible Design

Give your Ticker personality. Bend it along curved surfaces, wrap corners, travel vertically up the wall and extend it to any length to best fit your space.

Our software provides you complete control to select the content you want, and when it shows.

LED Ticker Customers

  • "We LOVE our ticker! It’s such a great focal point in our office, and everyone comments on it. Thank you so much for all of your help!"
    Lindsay H.
  • "This ticker is probably most valuable as a recruiting tool for incoming students and their families. While the tickers day-to-day operation includes highlighting the stock choices of our APM class. The ticker provides much more, as we can craft and deploy customized welcome messages for guests in our building. Its touch points like these that help our school rise above the rest and deliver a great education and experience."
    Michael B.
    University of Kansas
  • "I have found that the people at Rise Display have been very helpful and very responsive to our needs. They worked with us to quickly move through the choices and options, to find a solution that works well for us."
    Jeff W
    University of Arkansas

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Featured Ticker Installations

We have over 900 active Ticker clients in North America accounting for over 25,000 linear feet of full color LED Ticker.

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