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Our high-resolution (4mm pixel pitch) LED Ticker Displays will be sure to create a space that passersby can't help but notice. It’s a simple addition that brings a modern aesthetic to any location. Whether you’re displaying financial data, sports scores, breaking news, or custom messages, our LED tickers deliver unparalleled visual impact. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, our versatile displays are perfect for businesses, schools, stadiums, and public spaces. Easy to install and maintain, our LED tickers seamlessly integrate into any environment, enhancing communication and engagement.

Trust Rise Display to transform your space with cutting-edge technology and stunning visual appeal. Elevate your information display with Rise Display's innovative LED solutions and make a lasting impression on your audience.
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Rise Display makes sure that the LED ticker display installation process is completely seamless and fluid from start to finish. Unmatched in our industry, we offer high-quality stock tickers, news tickers, sports tickers, scrolling tickers, and more LED display tickers that that include:

  • A 5 year ON-SITE guarantee with daily monitoring
  • High resolution 4mm pixel pitch
  • Integrated Rise Ticker App gives you full control (1st year included for FREE)
  • Licensed for sports scores and REAL-TIME financial data with colorful logos
  • FREE Shipping in the US and Canada

If you’re looking for a quality, jaw-dropping LED ticker fixture that is easy to set up, program, and maintain, Rise Display is your trusted ticker partner.

About Rise Display LED Ticker Displays 

At Rise Display, we make LED ticker displays easy. From getting a quote, to installation, to support after the sale, our turnkey ticker solution is seamless and painless. Whether you want a basic ticker display for a finance lab, a scrolling news ticker, or a multi-ticker integrated display that wows passersby, our custom ticker solutions can be built to fit your space and your budget. Our Rise Ticker App is completely integrated with our quality hardware and designed to run for years with no complications. And with our 5-year, on-site guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you’ve purchased a high-quality, reliable ticker display that will be easy to set up, program, and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the tickers we supply are built to order and you can share your requirements and we will provide you a quote. If you are looking for standard sizes designed for consumer applications (homes) the costs range from $700 to $5,000 and you can learn more at

The most common LED tickers are 32, 48, or 64 pixels in height. What dictates the character height is the spacing between the pixels. Our pixel spacing is 4mm that translates to 5.8″ (32 pixels), 8.3″ (48 pixels), and 10.9″ (64 pixels). More specs available here.

A typical LED ticker board starts at 78″ in length with standard module lengths at 7.6″ wide and can be built as long as required. Get more detailed specs on our ticker product page.

While most ticker displays are straight and wall-mounted, we also support ceiling mounts, vertical mounts, flexible curved cabinets, wrap corners, and even outdoor weatherproofed units. For curved units, we can flex to a minimum of a 30 inch radius.

Tickers are very lightweight and come with wall-mount hardware. LED tickers less than 8 feet in length come in a single section while longer versions are built in sections that are designed to be easily snapped together with quick-connect cables to carry data and power from section to section. View ticker quick install guide.

If you would like to hire us, Rise Display has a nationwide network of installers to provide a complete package.

As you put together designs, you can always consult with us to help put specs together or you can check out the general specs and drawings on our product page. We also put a helpful blog post together with a good guideline to insert into bid specs.

While the majority of our installs are in North America, we can ship displays anywhere and work remotely with your local installer. The hardware is universal and we have variable power supplies to adapt to different electrical standards. Understanding the data source and compatibility is key to ensuring success.

We have our own Rise Ticker App and licenses with financial and sports providers for the live content. Once a ticker is connected to your network (wired or wireless), your firewall must allow outbound TCP/IP access to via port 9090 to receive the live updates. No dedicated computer equipment is required. All of the “smarts” are built into the ticker display. More network setup info.

Yes, we license real-time stock quotes for NYSE and Nasdaq traded equities.

Yes, we do have to pay to license the real-time data from the exchanges and sports providers. The first year is included with your purchase with the renewal in year two ranging from $20 to $50 per month depending on the data package. More details on the content available.

Yes. Via the Rise Ticker App, you can type in messages or upload .bmp graphics to insert into your LED ticker board. When inserting a message, you can also select font, size, and color to make the messages on your scrolling LED ticker stand out. You can read more on how to create your own graphics.