Our years of experience in installing ticker displays makes it super easy for our customers to get exactly what they want. We walk you through the process, step by step, from choosing what you’d like your ticker to look like and where you’d like it placed to exactly what content you’d like to display. For over 25 years we have been supplying an integrated solution of both the hardware and software – engineered specifically to be a ticker. This gets rid of all of the headaches and confusion. It all runs seamlessly together. When we install it, the hardware and software are made to work together flawlessly so you can enjoy your ticker display maintenance-free for years.

Software and Content Feeds

Software can be tricky. Standard digital signage software isn’t designed to create a smooth scroll and show live data streams, and most LED displays are designed to act more like a large billboard showing video, not a long ticker that continually scrolls. Finding the right software can be overwhelming and confusing. 

But with Rise Display, we make it simple.  You don’t need a dedicated computer to control your ticker. You can log in from anywhere and have as many team members as you want with access to the ticker software. Once logged in, you can change the scroll speed and brightness and select what content you want to play and when it plays. Alongside live stocks, sports, news, Twitter, and RSS, you can always insert your own messages and images. After you submit a change, on the next cycle through, your ticker will pick up the updated content and display it in a smooth scroll with the latest data…It’s that simple. We give you complete control over your ticker software so you can decide what plays and when on your ticker display. 

We only used licensed data in compliance with the exchanges, and because we have exclusive rights from NASDAQ for U.S. Patents 7,082,398 and 7,778,842, you can display company logos in place of text abbreviations.

Don’t buy a display and just assume you can find software and data to make it work or you may find yourself with a really expensive box on the wall. With an integrated ticker display and software from Rise, you will have complete control to scroll your message whenever you want.

Gustie Creative worked with Rise Display to create a custom circular LED ticker for a Virtual Room in a corporate office setting. As the focal point of the Virtual Room, this ticker is crucial to the daily operations of a major department. Working with Rise Display was a pleasure.

Gustie Logo
Karen H.
Gustie Creative

Your support team is exceptional! I’ve worked with them for years. Time and time again they exceed my expectations. I don’t know how they’ve done it so well for so long. It’s very impressive!

Mike B.

Everything has been running smoothly and the software is user friendly as we were informed it would be prior to the very first purchase so that is appreciated and in regard to quality of appearance, text and colors looks great.

Jessica G.
Dedicated Nursing Associates

With new currencies on our platform, the Tickers start a TON of conversations. We love the Tickers.

Allie Z.
OK Coin

We LOVE our ticker! It’s such a great focal point in our office, and everyone comments on it. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lindsay H.

Ticker Hardware

With our hardware options, you can build exactly what you want to fit the space you need. For instance, you can go with a basic ticker in a straight line or you can wrap it around corners, run it up a wall vertically, combine vertical with horizontal, curve it, daisy chain tickers together, and more. If you can dream it up, we can find a way to make it work! We encourage you to make it unique to your space. We’ve installed some eye-catching tickers over the years. 

To customize your display, we start with learning about your space:

  • Are you looking for something indoors or outdoors? 
  • How far away are your viewers so we can suggest the right height ticker. 
  • Is it straight or are we wrapping corners? 
  • Do you need something flexible to follow a curved surface? 
  • Is your ticker running vertically, horizontally, or both directions? 
  • Will it be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, or something custom?

Once we understand the design characteristics of your ticker, we can build any length starting at four foot and expanding in as little as 3″ increments. We will provide you a quote for a complete package including the hardware, software, and licensed data. If you have the resources, you are welcome to install it yourself or we can take care of everything for you.

Made In The U.S.A

Rise Advantage

After it is installed you can rest easy knowing you have an American-made product that meets the quality standards for ETL, CE, UL, and FCC and comes with a 3-year warranty backed by our dedicated support team. So don’t worry about trying to get parts from an overseas provider, or the building inspector shutting you down for installing a low quality product that doesn’t meet electrical codes. Instead sleep easy knowing you have a Rise Ticker that will reliably tick along.

Looking for Digital Displays? We’ve Got you Covered.

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