LED Sports Tickers are a great way to create an exciting sports watching atmosphere. Rise Sport Tickers feature full color (16.7 million+ color shades) and are ideal for streaming the latest game scores, schedules, and odds with vibrant team logos along with the latest sports news from Reuters.

In addition to live scores you can inject your custom messages, and promotional messages. A ticker display delivers colorful scrolling information that can help make your patrons aware of your latest specials.

Tickers can be built to nearly any length and we offer thin, sleek cabinets and options to bend and curve your display to fit your stadium, bar, restaurant, or any other environment you want to liven up. Architecturally design your ticker with:

  • Flexible cabinets to follow the contours of your design
  • Wrap corners (inside or outside) to seamlessly bridge multiple walls
  • Modular design to customize the fit to nearly any length
  • Multiple heights to best fit your viewing distance

All content is fully licensed and obtained from authorized suppliers. Users can leverage our simple web-based ticker platform or use the premise based software (JetStream) provided by C-Scape.

If you want to learn more on the basics of LED tickers visit our learning center.


NCAA Football

Show every NCAA Division I game or just the AP Top 25. Your Ticker will show the weekly schedule, with the option to add odds, and at kickoff start showing live updates.


NCAA Basketball

Display all NCAA Division I matchups or filter just the AP Top 25 teams. Scores and progress will be updated every 60 seconds and show vibrant color logos for each college team.


NBA Basketball

Follow the schedules and progress all season long with full color team logos and real-time scoring updates for all games in progress.


NFL Football

Catch your favorite football team’s schedule and score all season long on a full color logo ticker.


NHL Hockey

Follow every goal of every game along the path to the Stanley Cup..


MLB Baseball

From spring training to the World Series catch the latest scores and progress from every Major League Baseball Game.