So you have the opportunity to create a new space and the last thing you want it to be is boring. Whether you are building a new facility or simply renovating your current space, there’s no better way to modernize it than by incorporating an LED ticker display. 

An LED ticker adds motion and color as well as up-to-the-minute information to your lobby. We have installed hundreds of ticker displays in offices and lobbies and our team can help design one that’s perfect for your space and budget.

Add Excitement with Sports, News, and Information

It doesn’t matter if your lobby is large or small, you want to create an exciting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression the moment your guests enter your lobby. Don’t make them wait in silence. A ticker provides news, and sports updates plus any custom messages you’d like to share.

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Make a Great First Impression on Your Guests

For visitors, the atmosphere in your lobby is your company’s first impression. A plant in the corner and a television running the news says stale and boring.

Make your office lobby modern and exciting with motion and lights delivering useful information, up-to-the-minute news, or even a welcome message that makes them feel valued. The configuration options are endless. Light up your office or lobby area with a wall of tickers. Run your ticker display vertically, horizontally, around corners or surrounding an oval ceiling. No matter what configuration, LED ticker displays bring your space to life and take any office from old to bold.

Featured Installations

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Rise Vision

Gustie Creative worked with Rise Display to create a custom circular LED ticker for a Virtual Room in a corporate office setting. As the focal point of the Virtual Room, this ticker is crucial to the daily operations of a major department. Working with Rise Display was a pleasure.

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Karen H.
Gustie Creative

Your support team is exceptional! I’ve worked with them for years. Time and time again they exceed my expectations. I don’t know how they’ve done it so well for so long. It’s very impressive!

Mike B.

Everything has been running smoothly and the software is user friendly as we were informed it would be prior to the very first purchase so that is appreciated and in regard to quality of appearance, text and colors looks great.

Jessica G.
Dedicated Nursing Associates

With new currencies on our platform, the Tickers start a TON of conversations. We love the Tickers.

Allie Z.
OK Coin

We LOVE our ticker! It’s such a great focal point in our office, and everyone comments on it. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lindsay H.