About Us

Powering Displays for Over 25 Years

In 1992 Rise was formed in a partnership with Reuters to provide the software link between real-time stock market information and LED Datawalls. Over the past 25 years our software tools have been used to power several thousand LED tickers, wallboards, video walls, and digital displays in over 125 countries around the world.

In 2009 we separated our business into Rise Vision, a Digital Signage Content Creation and Management Software provider and Rise Display a LED Ticker Solution provider. Since then, Rise Display has installed nearly 25,000 feet of Full Color LED Tickers across North America with over 350 business schools featuring our LED Stock Tickers in their Finance Labs.

Quality Craftsmanship and Integrity

All of our LED Tickers are manufactured in the USA ensuring complete quality control. Our Ticker software was developed by Rise Vision, and we license all financial data through Reuters to ensure the integrity and requirements from the various exchanges. We have exclusive rights from NASDAQ for U.S. Patents 7,082,398 and 7,778,842 pertaining to showing company logos on a LED Stock Ticker.


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