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Rise History

Rise Vision has been a leader in digital signage for over 25 years. Created in partnership with Trans-Lux and Reuters in 1992 as a way of showing financial stock quotes on LED Datawall displays, Rise Vision has a long history of helping companies large and small display their message visually.

< Photo (left): One of Rise Vision’s earliest marketwalls

In 1997, Rise Vision installed a display at Bentley University. This cutting-edge lab became a staple at the school and has prepared thousands of business students with the hands-on tools necessary to enter the financial workforce right out of college. Since 1997, we have installed hundreds of similar labs for universities and high schools across North America.

Photo (right): One of Rise Vision’s earliest marketwalls >

Always an innovator in its space, Rise Vision created easy to use software to control monochrome tickers in 1998 and tri-color stock tickers in 1999.

< Photo (left): One of the first tri-color stock tickers at retail brokerage firm E*trade

Continuing a tradition of being a digital signage leader in the business industry, Rise Vision entered a multi-year partnership with Adaptive Micro Systems (AMS) to create a complete offering of integrated hardware and software. The partnership began with the installation of Tri-color tickers in Fidelity branches nationwide.

Photo (right): Rise Vision’s first full-color outdoor ticker >

Rise Vision’s U.S. office opened in 2003, which is also the year it installed its first full-color video stock ticker (outside Fidelity Investments NYC office). Out of this office, Rise Vision rapidly grew by distributing its digital signage network through Ingram Micro, Synnex, and Tech Data. In 2004, it launched the first Software as a Service (Saas) offering for digital signage: Rise Display Network, and in 2005 deployed our first campus-wide digital signage network for Washington & Lee University. Followed in 2006 with our first 500+ display digital menu board deployment for Pei Wei.

Rise Vision continued to grow with technological advances by creating a line of standard, indoor full-color LED ticker display in 2009 with the first installation for BP.

Photo (right): Rise Vision’s first full-color indoor ticker >

Rise Vision wanted to ensure its software was easy to use on any operating system, and, in 2010, became the first digital signage provider to launch it’s software worldwide in the Google Cloud as a free open source platform.

< Graphic (left): Rise Vision open source, cloud-based, digital signage software

Since launching in the cloud, Rise Vision has scaled rapidly with accelerated development through the implementation of continuous deployment practices that allowed us to move from staggered releases every few months to dozens of software releases in real time every day. In 2014 we became the first digital signage provider to support Chrome OS and released our app in the Google Chrome Webstore. By 2016, over 100,000 accounts have been created including over 2,500 educational facilities. In 2018, the company crossed 10,000 active customers in over 125 countries.

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