World Clock

Ticker Software: World Clock

LED World Clocks are user configurable allowing you to define your time zones , label them to your preference, and select your color scheme. You can use either our Premium or Easy Ticker hardware to get your ideal height and length, you can even conform the flexible cabinets to concave or convex surfaces to create a unique world clock. You won't need a dedicated computer the smarts are built into the display allowing you to configure the zones and labels from any computer on your network.

Control Features

  • Customize labels and time zones
  • Select the ideal colors and fonts for your clock
  • Times synchronize to NTP server, accurate +/- 250 milliseconds
  • No computer required - login via your local network to update

System Requirements

No software or computer required. Simply access the internal web controls from your network, make your setting changes and disconnect. With your initial order just tell us what time zones you want to see, how you would like them labeled and we will have it all programmed so all you need to do is plug your clock in.

Instead of a LED World Clock you may also consider using Rise Vision to insert world time clocks into your digital signage.