We will provide you a limited warranty of up to 3 years on LED Ticker products purchased from Rise. The limited warranty commences on your Acceptance Date and warrants that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s product specifications and manuals. The limited warranty covers all shipping costs (within the United States and Canada) and repairs. If the unit is deemed unrepairable, we reserve the right to replace the product with a “like new” refurbished unit. You are responsible for any costs related to the removal and reinstallation of the failed component.

Your warranty specifically excludes: (a) troubleshooting of anything not included in your Statement of Work (SOW) with Rise, (b) failures that are the result of improper use such as, but not limited to, use of incorrect line voltages, use of incompatible software, devices or accessories, improper or insufficient ventilation, accident, misuse, or abuse of the hardware, (c) vandalism or willful damage, (d) acts of war or terrorism, (e) virus and or spyware infiltration, (f) alterations made to the OS (g) unauthorized content shown by your employees or users (h) an act of God such as, but not limited to, lightning, flooding, tornado, earthquakes, fire, and hurricanes, (i) individual pixel failures or normal degradation of LED’s over the life of the display, (j) union labor fees, (k) rental of lift equipment or any such additional equipment required to perform service, (l) preventative maintenance, installation, de-installation, or relocation services, (m) repairs as a result of alteration, adjustment, or repair by anyone other than Rise personnel, (n) costs incurred due to failures or delays in performance due to any cause beyond Rise’s reasonable control.

RMA Process (within the US and Canada**)

The first step to resolving your issue is to log a support ticket on our website. If your support ticket requires warranty work, you have 3 options:

Return to Depot

  • You remove the failed component and package it for shipment.
  • We will provide you with a label and arrange for shipping.
  • We will repair the component within 3 business days after we receive it, and return it to you via ground shipping.
  • You install the replacement component.

Advanced Replacement

  • You provide a credit card guarantee.
  • We ship the replacement component to you with a return label.
  • You swap and return the failed component within 30 days. If the component is not returned within 30 days, we will charge the credit card provided for the replacement cost.

On Site Replacement

  • You provide a credit card authorization allowing us to charge $600 for a tech visit.
  • We ship the replacement parts to you and provide tracking info to our tech.
  • The tech schedules time to come on site and make the necessary repairs.
  • The tech is responsible for returning the damaged parts to us.

**For warranty work outside the US and Canada, international shipping, customs, and duties will be the client’s responsibility.