Software That’s Made Exclusively for Ticker Displays

Content is where you’ll see the biggest advantage with Rise Display. Sure we manufacture a quality product and we can custom design your ticker to fit your space, but when it comes to content, we offer some unique advantages.

Software Can Be Tricky

Many people purchase a display and assume that they can find software and data to make it work. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. Most LED displays are designed to act more like a large billboard showing video, not a long ticker that continually scrolls. Finding the right software can be overwhelming and confusing.

Licensed Content

We license all of our data from one of the largest data providers on the planet, Refinitiv (formerly Reuters), and we have the exclusive rights from Nasdaq on two US patents that allow you to show company logos in place of text abbreviations on our tickers. Plus, you can log in from anywhere and have as many team members as you want with access to our ticker software. 

Whether you plan to display stock prices, sports scores, news, or your own message, don’t buy a display and just assume you can find software and data to make it work or you may be sorry.

Looking for Digital Displays? We’ve Got you Covered.

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