LED Ticker Comparison Rise Display Other Provider
Company Background
How long has the company been around? 1992 (25 + years of experience)
Number of Full Color Tickers installed last 5 years Over 700 projects (detailed client list)
Total Linear feet of Full Color Ticker installed in last 5 years 20,000 + feet (detailed client list)
Company’s Financial Health / Viability Rise Display is wholly owned by Rise Holdings that also owns Rise Vision (www.risevision.com). Rise has been in operation for over 25 years, and is completely self financed, with no debt.
Number of Employees Rise has roughly 30 employees, nearly all of them are dedicated to development, QA, and support. (meet the team)
Quality of Website Rise Display has invested heavily in creating a website that has numerous drawings, pictures, specs, software demos, and quality examples (www.risedisplay.com)
Number of Install Photos / Examples in Gallery The Photo Gallery contains over 400 photos of tickers installed by Rise Display – there are no “faked” environments.
Social Media Activity Rise maintains an active social presence around digital signage on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and weekly posts to the Ticker blog.
Provide hardware for video walls and touch screens? Rise offers a FREE, open source platform for controlling digital displays including video walls and interactive touch screens.
Ticker Hardware
 Where are the displays manufactured and assembled.  Tickers are manufactured in the USA (Pembroke, MA) by our partner Sunrise Systems.
 Typical lead time from placing order until receipt.  Typical tickers (curved or straight) are shipped in 3 to 4 weeks, very long, custom or unique projects that require customizations range from 6 to 10 weeks.
 What is the warranty?  Rise offers a 3 year warranty (see details)
 How many colors is the ticker capable of?  Premium tickers are capable of 24 bit color which equates to 16.7 million color shades.
 How is the ticker accesses for serviceability?  All tickers are front serviceable meaning a small module can be removed and all components services without having to remove the ticker from the wall or structure.
 What safety certifications and compliances does the hardware meet? All tickers meet the following approvals / certifications:

  • UL-1950 and UL-60950-1 Compliant
  • ETL & CE Compliant
  • ANSI/UL 60950-1, 2nd Edition (2007), “Safety of Information Technology Equipment”
  • CSA C22.2 NO. 60950-1 2nd Edition (2007), “Safety of Information Technology Equipment”
  • FCC Part 15 Class A
 LED brightness  Tickers on .3” pixel pitch are adjustable up to 3,200 nits in brightness, .5” pixel pitch can display up to 3,565 nits.
 Hardware Specifications  Specifications for dimensions, weight, and power can be found in this table.
Ticker Software
 Software Platform Name / Provider  Rise is the developer of the Rise Ticker platform that is cloud based (see demo), for premise based requirements the tickers are also compatible with C-scape (see overview)
 Does the software require a dedicated computer?  When using the Rise Ticker platform NO computer is required.  The smarts are built into the ticker and all control is done via a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
 What is the connectivity between computer and ticker.  There is no computer required.  The ticker needs an ethernet connection (see diagram)
 Who are the licensed data providers supplying the quotes, news, and scores.  Rise uses Reuters as the provider for licensed stock quotes and headline news, DataCall for sports.
 For stock tickers what exchanges are covered?  With the basic financial data, delayed equities quotes from TSX, NYSE, and NASDAQ exchanges.  For the premium service some key market indexes, CME Group data for commodities, bonds, and currencies are available.  Examples of data
 Can I create my own watchlist of stocks and update it  Yes, users have full control to change their schedule, instruments watched, order, etc.  No limitations to how many instruments can be displayed.
 Software cost  The Rise Ticker platform is provided free of charge to show messages, twitter, and RSS feeds.  There is a cost to show licensed data for stocks, sports, and news.
 Monthly data cost  The basic data package is $30 per month, per ticker to show delayed equities, headline news, and sports scores.  Premium financial data is additional.
Total Cost of Ownership over 5 years
 LED Ticker Hardware
 Ticker Software (initial cost)  $0 (no cost for Rise – C-scape additional)
 Ticker Software (annual license)  $0 (no cost for Rise – C-scape additional)
 Dedicated Computer for Software  $0 (none required)
 Logistics / Training / Setup  $0 (unless custom or unique project)
3 Year Warranty  $0 (no cost)
5 Years of Licensed Data(US equites, Reuters News, Sports Scores)  $30/mo x 60 = $1,800
 Total 5 year cost  $  $