With a ticker from Rise Display, you’re not limited to horizontal planes. You can take your ticker display from bottom to top (or top to bottom). You can pair vertical displays with horizontal displays to take the eyes in an unexpected direction. Our expert installers have built tickers in all shapes and sizes and can help you design a ticker that will add extra energy to your space.

Make it Unique

When you rotate a ticker to travel vertically, it helps draw attention to your space by dressing up structural columns or helping to tie multiple floors together. The data can be news, sports, stocks, or any other messages you can dream up that connect with your audience.

Vertical & Ceiling Ticker
pimco ticker

The Sky’s the Limit

With Rise Display, you can take your ticker up, across, and back down again. Breaking the rules adds excitement and sets you apart from the ordinary. Vertical messages create the expectation that your business, like your ticker display, is unconventional and innovative.

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