Need an outdoor ticker? You’ve come to the right place. We make tickers that are specifically designed for outdoor installation. You can count on Rise Display to give you a ticker display that can stand up to the harsh demands that Mother Nature can create. Heat, cold, humidity, wind, sun, rain, snow and ice are no problem for our outdoor systems. You can’t draw customers in unless you get their attention first, and a ticker display is the perfect device to catch their eyes.

Outdoor Stock Ticker

Whether you are a school of business, a bank, or a financial institution, when people pass your business, how do you put your financial credibility on display? Think of the stock ticker as a “barber shop pole” as people see it steadily ticking along they will immediately associate your name with the stock market.

Outdoor LED Tickers
Outdoor LED Ticker For University

Tickers Attract Attention

To add visual appeal to your building, wrap corners or conform to curved surfaces to increase your exposure and attract attention from hundreds of feet away.

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