Your LED ticker is best when planned into your space, not added as an afterthought. When you select a highly visible location with a curved surface you can create a one-of-a-kind experience that makes your lobby, school, or branch unique and different from the competition down the street. Your primary objective is to get visitors to stop and say “Wow! That’s cool.”

Circular Ticker Designs

We can wrap circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces as tight as a 3-foot radius. The circular designs can be on the inside or outside of the circle attached to an existing structure or suspended with ½” NPT conduit directly from the ceiling.


Concave or Convex Ticker Installations

Don’t assume your ticker has to be mounted on a flat surface. With a Rise Display ticker, we can bend and mold you ticker to fit almost any surface, serpentine, concave or convex. The cabinet is flexible and designed to form to your shape on site, no custom engineering required.

Our flexible tickers create some of the most dynamic displays ever!

Featured Installations

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