Ticker Software: Software Comparison

Not sure what software is best to control your LED Ticker? The following is a simple comparison showing the 3 different software options for controlling a Rise Ticker display.

Rise Ticker Sunrise Software C-Scape JetStream
Software Cost $0 $0 one time fee
Optional Web delivered data (stocks, sports, Reuters news) per display $30/Mo. n/a $150/Mo.
Integrate with local data sources (DDE/CSV/ODBC) no no yes
Web based control (no computer required) – requires Internet access yes no no
Premise based control (client supplied Windows computer internal to network) no not dedicated dedicated
Stop content to show static (non scrolling) messages no yes no
Display World Clocks no yes – static yes – scrolling
Display multiple streams of data (dual line ticker) no no yes
Display multiple layers of content (content scrolling over a background) no yes yes

When should I use Rise Ticker Web-based?

  • If you have a reliable network/internet connection and want to show live web delivered content for stocks, sports, news, twitter, and RSS.
  • Ideal for sports bars, corporate lobbies, retail banks, hotels, and business school labs.

When should I use Sunrise Software?

  • When you don’t have an internet connection and you want to simply control your messages and announcements.
  • Ideal for retail, ticker windows, government applications and tradeshows.

When should I use C-scape JetStream Premise-based?

  • When you want to host the software inside your secure network and mine data from 3rd party sources.
  • Ideal for casinos, sportsbooks, stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and data centers.

If you still have questions and would like us to give you a call to discuss the options simply contact us and we will schedule a time to help you make the best decision for your LED ticker.