Breaking stories, news from home and around the world – with a Rise Display ticker, our software makes it easy to show the latest news to keep your viewers up to date. With our dedicated software, designed specifically to run on our tickers, you can count on easy programming with no glitches or difficult learning curve. We make it easy to share up-to-the-minute news stories 24/7.

Licensed Reuters Headline News

With the Rise ticker software you can select from top news, entertainment news, and sports news all licensed from Reuters. You can choose to show just the headline, just a summary, or both together. You can select how many headlines you want to show and in what color.

Lobby Display Tickers

Twitter and RSS News

Want to add content from your own blog or news source? You can incorporate any public RSS feed into your ticker. You can also show the latest tweets from our Twitter account or follow popular influencers or hash tags.

Featured Installations

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