The following LED Ticker reviews were submitted by Rise clients sharing their experiences with our display technology. With hundreds of installations utilizing tens of thousands of feet of ticker all across North America we price ourselves on ensuring our client’s satisfaction.

“Rise Display has been in the lab since the very beginning and we’re very happy with them. We recently upgraded from a 10 ft ticker to a 90ft ticker and it really has that “Wow” factor that we were going for.”

  • Willam T. Chittenden, PH.D., CTP
  • Department Chair & Associate Professor of Finance
  • Texas State University

“We knew the benefits the lab would bring to our university. One thing we didn’t realize was the impact it would have on recruiting. We’re finding the lab is giving us a huge advantage and it is a big indicator as to why we have seen a 15% increase in enrollment.”

  • Wendell Godwin
  • Dean
  • East Central University

“One of the things I really appreciate about Rise is that they are very professional and dedicated to making trading labs an outstanding experience for the students and faculty that use them. They are a terrific team of people.”

  • Dr. John Moore
  • Chair, Professor, Accounting and Finance
  • Virginia State University

“The consultative process where Rise Display help us construct the lab was facilitative and very easy. We would trade ideas back and forth and at the end of the day they made sure we really got the best products for our needs.”

  • Dr. Steven Beach
  • Associate Professor of Finance
  • Radford University

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 28 reviews
Interim Dean

Joe Hawk made a significant difference as we worked over a long period to create the financial lab within the School of Business. His patient advise and support provided a steady resource as we worked through the renovation, furniture and software acquisition, and recommending the display units that highlight the project. Faculty, students, and other supporters recognize the importance this change makes to the overall teaching and learning experience. Thank you Joe and Rise Display!

by Bill Scroggins on Rise Display
Head of Finance, Economics & Acc Dept, Professor of Finance

Joe Hawk’s help in making our finance lab a reality has been phenomenal! We began conversations with Joe many many months before the actual installation of the technical components began. Joe’s expertise provided valuable guidance throughout the process that began with helping us obtain architectural renderings based on the dedicated space, then to suggested furniture vendors, software vendors, and then to recommended technical components. Joe’s numerous suggestions have helped create a unique finance lab that everyone is proud of! We have now progressed to faculty/staff training and a smooth implementation for our students returning for Fall 2017. All of the help from Joe Hawk and Rise Display has led to a very valuable transformation accomplishment for the School of Business and Industry at Jacksonville State University. In short, Joe is a very valuable resource for any business school considering a finance lab as well as a gifted professional who is a pleasure to work with.

by Lindsay H. @ Wastequip on Rise Display

We LOVE our ticker! It’s such a great focal point in our office, and everyone comments on it. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology

The Rise ticker installed in the lobby of the Stafford Building where our business classes met sets a professional tone for students and visitors. Our finance students particularly enjoy the ticker and have commented they enjoy checking certain stocks every day.

by Andy F. @ Ohio on Rise Display
Great Service

Joe Hawk was extremely helpful in the process of opening our trading room and providing guidance and resources through the process. I highly recommend Rise.

School of Business technology upgrade

Our university initiated a relationship with Rise Display years ago when we had our first implementation of digital displays in the Residence Halls. Our most recent project involved the installation of two financial tickers and four digital displays in the atrium of our School of Business. The project was managed extremely well and was done very professionally and expeditiously. I have no problem giving a solid recommendation to the people at Rise for a job well done!

Wow factor

This ticker is probably most valuable as a recruiting tool for incoming students and their families. While the tickers day-to-day operation includes highlighting the stock choices of our APM class. The ticker provides much more, as we can craft and deploy customized welcome messages for guests in our building. Its touch points like these that help our school rise above the rest and deliver a great education and experience.

Smooth Installation

Rise Display was very helpful during our instalation. They worked hard to make sure installation went smoothly and easily. Which it did. Their after install support has been perfect.

Easy to work with

I have found that the people at RiseDisplay have been very helpful and very responsive to our needs. They worked with us to help us quickly move through the choices and options, to find a solution that works well for us.

Global Finance Lab

The Global Finance Lab at Marquette High School recently opened for the Fall 2016 semester for the students. The school installed an 8' and 24' LED Rise Display Ticker outside and inside of the Global Finance Lab. These tickers complete the look of the lab and are great to display not only for financial news but also personal school messages. The students depend on these tickers when researching current stock prices for their finance classes so they are very useful throughout the course of the day.

Trading Lab

We just transitioned our Trading Lab displays over to the new Rise Vision network and are very pleased with the end result. The team at Rise Vision was very helpful throughout the entire process and worked diligently to provide us with fresh new content. We could not be happier with the service provided by the design team and the final digital signage content looks amazing. Keep up the great work!

by Larry Garner on Rise Display
Larry G - Founding Dean, College of Business

TAMUCT-COBA installed an LED Stock Tracker in the common area leading into the College offices. We had just moved into our first building as a new university. We wanted a visual way of saying "Welcome, you are entering the world of business". That ribbon and running stock performance says just that. The Rise Team have been great and super supportive.

by Mike B @ PIMCO on Rise Display
Exceptional Support

Your support team is exceptional! I’ve worked with them for years. Time and time again they exceed my expectations. I don’t know how they’ve done it so well for so long. It’s very impressive! Thanks, -Mike

by Tom S. @ Furman Univ. on Rise Display
LED Stock Ticker in new finance lab

The RISE team was exceptional both prior to installation, during the installation, and most importantly after the installation. Things are always rosy until the first week or two after the implementation of something like a trading lab. The rubber meets the road when the glitches start to pop up (and they will - if you are expecting perfect, adjust your expectations). The RISE team responded very quickly and with long-term solutions. After about three weeks of operation, things have been stable.

Charles D. Gelatt Finance Simulation Lab

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for helping us with our new finance lab construction this summer. The students and faculty are loving it! Rise did a superb job of helping make this project become a reality for us – thank you!Short Press write up & interview  (http://www.wxow.com/story/32866555/viterbo-welcomes-students-and-new-major)

Upgrade from Tri-color DAKTicker

The FedEx Institute of Technology at The University of Memphis purchased a Rise ticker as apart of our lobby media presence. It looks amazing. The ability to control content (stocks, news, customizable messages, etc) from a mobile device is a huge improvement over our previous system.

Bring Investment to Life for our Students

"The PWC Center for Stock Education, including the ticker, is being incorporated into our 11th grade course — "Life after high school - investing in our futures 11". We have gone through how to read a stock ticker, what the numbers mean and how it influences our economy and vice versa. Portfolios are being developed by the students and in this area they can check their stocks and see how much “money” they have made. Being able to see it brightly and in color has really brought these concepts to life and inspired interest among our students. This has really helped stir up interest in saving and investing!"

Live Media Trading Room

Gustie Creative worked with Rise Display to create a custom circular LED ticker for a Virtual Room in a corporate office setting. This ticker is ceiling mounted and works in sync with two Planar video walls. As the focal point of the Virtual Room, this ticker is crucial to the daily operations of a major department. Working with Rise Display was a pleasure. Team members were responsive to our needs and helped us create a very unique solution.

by National Museum of Mathematics on Rise Display

The National Museum of Mathematics used a Rise ticker display for a new exhibit demonstrating the ever-changing nature of mathematics. The ticker arrived in good condition ahead of schedule and was easy to configure out of the box. Rise was responsive throughout the process and helpful in providing the technical information needed to create a custom feed and style sheet. While the Museum experienced some hardware and software limitations associated with color accuracy and complex formatting of mathematical notation (both challenges inherent to the medium), it is quite pleased with the final outcome and grateful to Rise for its support.

by Winston Butler on Rise Display

Mona School of Business & Management Finance Lab's value proposition to its markets - in Jamaica, the Caribbean and internationally - was invaluably supported by the responsiveness, professionalism and courteousness of the Rise Team. We are already planning the expansion of our ticker and video wall...a true testament of our confidence in the efficacy of the Rise Team.

by Rick H @ Man Cave Ticker on Rise Display

After significant frustration researching several leads on oversee's led sign vendors, I came across Rise Display and I'm so glad I did. The oversees options advertise 'too good to be true' prices, and once you dig in a bit you come to realize you need additional software, or they don't have any solution for content. I really needed an all-in-one, turnkey solution. I also needed a sign that would allow a slight curve throughout its length. Rise Display had the perfect solution, and I found their price to be affordable. I'm not a company with a big budget, I'm simply a homeowner with a meager budget who wanted a great looking sports ticker for his man cave. I highly recommend Rise for anyone looking for a turn-key solution. The only unforeseen issue I had was the unit that shipped wasn't receiving any content out of the box even after connecting to my network. We tried a few troubleshooting ideas with Rise's support team and weren't easily finding the source of the problem. Eventually I started probing around inside the unit and pulled a few cables and re-seated them. That did the trick, and I haven't had any issues since. I should also mention that after my install (I opted to install it myself), I noticed 2 pixels that were flickering. I told Rise that I might have damaged those pixels myself during the install, wasn't sure. There were no questions asked, and they sent me 2 new panels right away which I replaced and everything's been great ever since. They have a great support team over there, and their product is excellent! I'm a very happy customer!

by Dan B on Rise Display

Ryan was very responsive and help in getting us a large ticker at a great price. We had an issue after a month which they diagnosed immediately and sent the part out and a knowledgeable rep was right over to install. Solid, easy to manage products!

by Kregg A. @ Montana State Univ. on Rise Display

We installed a Rise ticker in our brand new building - home of the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Montana State University. It's in a very public area and it really brings the building to life. The 40-foot ticker really "tops off" our new building, and the support from Rise has been great.

by Orland F - Financorp on Rise Display

The ticker was an important investment in our new Fort Lauderdale Office - it was an instant "WOW" positive overall success contributing to creating a nice working environment and an extremely good first impression with our selective customers base. Implementation and support was excellent.

by Sharon N. - Dir of Field Operations - Waddell & Reed on Rise Display

The ticker has generated a lot of interest and foot traffic into our office. The ticker is easy to program and their technical support department has been quick and helpful. We are happy with the results.

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