Rise LED Ticker Infographic

We have been providing LED Tickers since the late 1990’s beginning with monochrome displays and evolving to the full color Tickers you see today. We installed the first full color Ticker in 2009 and the following metrics represent the installations over the last 8 years.

All Full Color Tickers

# of Installations: 879
Total Feet: 26,196
Average Length: 28

7 Pixel LED Ticker

# of Installations: 8
Total Feet: 230
Average Length: 29

These specialized displays are less than an inch thick. The limited resolution does not support graphics but they are great for embedding into architectural designs.

16 Pixel LED Ticker

# of Installations: 162
Total Feet: 3655
Average Length: 23

At less than 6” tall this display is ideal for showing twiter, RSS, and news but some basic graphics and logos can be shown.

24 Pixel LED Ticker

# of Installations: 587
Total Feet: 16,388
Average Length: 28

The 8” cabinet height is ideal for indoor applications and is by far our most popular ticker product for stock and sport applications.

32 Pixel LED Ticker

# of Installations: 122
Total Feet: 4,517
Average Length: 37

The additional pixels provide for a more detailed team and company logos and provide larger characters for readability at a greater distance.

Business School Tickers

A LED Stock Ticker creates the financial atmosphere that today’s top students are looking for. Over 80% of the nearly 400 labs in North America feature a Ticker display.

Top 10 Longest Full Color LED Ticker Displays