Ever since the first ticker tape was invented by Edward Calahan in 1867, ticker displays have come to symbolize financial trading. They are critical in keeping up with the fast-paced changes that are the stock market. Your ticker is the lifeblood of the trading floor. It must perform.

We get it, finding a display that fits your trading room can be confusing. We’ve installed hundreds of tickers on trading floors just like yours and we can help you keep things ticking along on your trading floor.

Keep Traders Up to Date at a Glance

Your traders are like high-octane sports cars. They need the info and they need it fast. Rise stock ticker displays are big, bold, and bright allowing traders to stay constantly connected to the rapidly changing markets so they don’t miss any opportunities. With Rise tickers, they’ll see up-to-the-minute updates with the latest stock quotes and not just company abbreviations, but real company logos, in color, that are recognizable at a glance. The sharpest people need the best tools to work with. Give them every edge when it comes to their stock ticker display.

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Find the Perfect Ticker for Your Trading Floor

Small ticker displays, hung at the wrong angle and displaying company abbreviations rather than logos can slow traders down. They suck the energy from them by making them work harder than they have to. Give your traders a professional ticker display so they will be energized and excited about their jobs every day they hit the trading floor.

Featured Installations

Looking for Digital Displays? We’ve Got you Covered.

Rise Vision

Gustie Creative worked with Rise Display to create a custom circular LED ticker for a Virtual Room in a corporate office setting. As the focal point of the Virtual Room, this ticker is crucial to the daily operations of a major department. Working with Rise Display was a pleasure.

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Karen H.
Gustie Creative

Your support team is exceptional! I’ve worked with them for years. Time and time again they exceed my expectations. I don’t know how they’ve done it so well for so long. It’s very impressive!

Mike B.

Everything has been running smoothly and the software is user friendly as we were informed it would be prior to the very first purchase so that is appreciated and in regard to quality of appearance, text and colors looks great.

Jessica G.
Dedicated Nursing Associates

With new currencies on our platform, the Tickers start a TON of conversations. We love the Tickers.

Allie Z.
OK Coin

We LOVE our ticker! It’s such a great focal point in our office, and everyone comments on it. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lindsay H.