Most banks struggle to attract new customers. We provide LED ticker displays that add excitement and energy to your lobby area creating an inviting space. 

We understand it’s hard to stand out in the financial industry, but we have helped hundreds of banks and financial institutions just like you create more engaging experiences for your customers.

Make Your Lobby a Center for Information

Lobbies are inherently busy areas with lots of customers being served and waiting for service. Why not use that opportunity to get their attention with messaging? Take that captive audience and tell them something new?

A ticker display can transmit stock information or you can include your own messaging to inform customers of financial products and services as well as cross-sell new services. Keep them entertained and informed with custom messages on a bright and active ticker display. Reading news and updates can even reduce perceived wait time and improve the entire customer experience.

Macys Ticker
Successful Installs:
Retail Ticker Displays

Don’t Lose Customers to Competitors

Are your customers going to your competitors because they didn’t know you offered certain financial services?

Make sure they know all of the services you offer by informing them every time they are in your lobby with messaging on your ticker display. Bring your services to life, retain more customers, and even attract new customers with an eye-catching ticker display in your lobby.

Featured Installations

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Rise Vision

Gustie Creative worked with Rise Display to create a custom circular LED ticker for a Virtual Room in a corporate office setting. As the focal point of the Virtual Room, this ticker is crucial to the daily operations of a major department. Working with Rise Display was a pleasure.

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Karen H.
Gustie Creative

Your support team is exceptional! I’ve worked with them for years. Time and time again they exceed my expectations. I don’t know how they’ve done it so well for so long. It’s very impressive!

Mike B.

Everything has been running smoothly and the software is user friendly as we were informed it would be prior to the very first purchase so that is appreciated and in regard to quality of appearance, text and colors looks great.

Jessica G.
Dedicated Nursing Associates

With new currencies on our platform, the Tickers start a TON of conversations. We love the Tickers.

Allie Z.
OK Coin

We LOVE our ticker! It’s such a great focal point in our office, and everyone comments on it. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lindsay H.