Most teachers struggle to make financial literacy exciting. We provide digital signage and LED stock ticker displays that’ll make your classroom the envy of your school.

We understand selecting the technology can be overwhelming, but we have helped over 500 teachers just like you to be successful in implementing signage and ticker displays that engage students.

Student should have fun and be inspired to learn

Take pride in making your classroom conducive for learning financial literacy. Students often leave school with limited knowledge of real-world challenges like balancing a budget or understanding credit card debt. Those who go to college are often at a disadvantage against students who were taught how the stock market works.

Finance labs come in all shapes and sizes. The budget is entirely up to you. Many schools start small and build it into something larger. Rise Display can help! We can create a cost-effective finance lab for your school where kids will be excited to learn

Successful Installs:
LED Stock Market Ticker For Schools

Make sure your students are prepared

Don’t struggle with how to teach finance and send your students out into the world unprepared when it comes to managing their own finances.

With an exciting classroom, you can bring finances to life and become the teacher of the class that everyone wants to take. Help them engage in the learning process and inspire them to do more with their money. Give them a strong foundation to build their lives on and be proud of the knowledge you’ve passed on that will help them succeed financially.

Featured Installations

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Rise Vision
Mountain Brook Schools
Amber B.
Mountain Brook High School

Our ticker looks great! It is functioning well, and we have received some very positive comments from stakeholders. We appreciate your support with this installation!

Eric L.
Trinity High School

Working with Rise was a great pleasure. Joe Hawk made the experience easy and painless. From start to finish he was there to answer any questions we had and followed up on all of our installations. The ticker and display had sparked an interest in many of our high school students. Being able to sit in class and watch the stock market live gives the students the Wall Street experience they want.

Tyrrell County Schools
Eric R.
Columbia High School

Working with Rise was a pleasure and we were able to get 3 displays for our brand new media center. They will help with financial literacy for the students as well as a way to get news to students.

Warwick Valley
James Y.
Warwick Valley Schools

The Global Finance Lab at Marquette High School recently opened for the Fall 2016 semester for the students. The school installed an 8′ and 24′ LED Rise Display Ticker outside and inside of the Global Finance Lab. These tickers complete the look of the lab and are great to display not only for financial news but also personal school messages. The students depend on these tickers when researching current stock prices for their finance classes so they are very useful throughout the course of the day.

Beth G.
Marquette High School