Ticker Images

The following gives you step by step instructions on how to create a graphic or image for your LED Ticker Display. If you would like some pre created ticker graphics you can access them from our ticker images library.

There are 3 different styles of tickers:

  • Tri Color – These are older style tickers that use Red (#ff0000), Amber (#ffff00), and Green (#00ff00)
  • Eight Color – These tickers use Red (#ff0000), Amber (#ffff00), Green (#00ff00), Light Blue (#00ffff), Dark Blue (#0000ff), Magenta (#ff00ff), and White (#ffffff)
  • Full Color- These tickers use the full RGB spectrum of colors to allow for 16.7 million color shades but we recommend sticking to the eight color values (above) as they look best.

Regardless of the style of ticker make sure you build your image to match the pixel height of your ticker. The most common heights are 16, 24, or 32 pixels in height.

How to create an image for use with your Rise Ticker

1. Open a graphic of the logo you intend to build as a starting point in Photoshop (.jpg, .gif, .png


2. Crop any unnecessary areas out, and change the image height to the desired pixels (either 16, 24, or 32 pixels to match your LED ticker). Changing the resample Image setting to nearest neighbor will help give cleaner edges.


3. Change the color mode to indexed color (image/ mode). Change the forced setting to custom.


4. Add the colors supported by your Ticker to the color palette



5. Now using the pencil tool, magic wand, paint bucket or any other tool of your choice clean up
the logo leaving only crisp edges. Every pixel must be 1 of the colors you added to your color

6. Save as a .bmp file using 8 bit color mode.

7. Now you can upload the image to play on your LED Ticker.