LED Stock Ticker

Made in the USA with legally licensed market data

Studies have shown that students learn more from hands-on experience. A LED Stock Ticker is the ideal way to bring the real-life excitement of a trading floor to the classroom, and motivate your students. All Rise LED Tickers can display images and logos in full color. Ticker displays can be built to any length, and most models are flexible, which allows you to shape your display to fit curved concave or convex surfaces.

Digital Marketwall

Show the world markets at a glance

Take learning out of the textbook and onto an highly engaging marketwall by using an ordinary TV. It will wow students, parents, and visitors alike. Show all the vital market information at a glance to create an immersive experience for your students.

Financial Literacy Lab

You have a chemistry lab – why not a lab for finance?

With nearly 400 universities deploying finance labs on campus, having a financial literacy lab will help prepare your students for that transition into college. By exposing your personal finance class to the technology, market data, and simulations they will have a clear advantage over other incoming freshman.

Personal Finance Curriculum

Meets all state Financial Literacy Standards

A personal finance education site that features a real-time stock market simulation AND integrated Personal Finance/Economics/Business curriculum. Teachers choose the curriculum they want their students to complete, and every time their students log into to check on their stock portfolio they are prompted to access the lessons and take “pop-quizzes” in order to progress through the required activities.

High School Customers

  • Working with Rise was a pleasure and we were able to get 3 displays for our brand new media center. They will help with financial literacy for the students as well as a way to get news to students.
    James Y
    Warwick Valley Schools
  • Working with Rise was a great pleasure. Joe Hawk made the experience easy and painless. From start to finish he was there to answer any questions we had and followed up on all of our installations. The ticker and display had sparked an interest in many of our high school students. Being able to sit in class and watch the stock market live gives the students the Wall Street experience they want.
    Eric R
    Columbia High School
  • The Global Finance Lab at Marquette High School recently opened for the Fall 2016 semester for the students. The school installed an 8' and 24' LED Rise Display Ticker outside and inside of the Global Finance Lab. These tickers complete the look of the lab and are great to display not only for financial news but also personal school messages. The students depend on these tickers when researching current stock prices for their finance classes so they are very useful throughout the course of the day.
    Beth G
    Marquette High School




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