If you are creating a rendering of your new facility or space that includes a LED ticker display, the following design files and instructions can help you.

Ticker design elements
  • Sports Ticker Display | psd | png
  • Stock Ticker Display | psd | png
  • Curved Ticker Rendering Example | psd | png
  • Angled Ticker Rendering Example | psd
Tips for creating realistic looking tickers

In Photoshop create a pattern overlay of small squares on top of your financial or sports content layer to replicate the look of an led grid. Then duplicate the content layer and add a gaussian blur to the botom layer to give it a subtle glow.

Tips for creating angled and curved tickers

For curved tickers use the photoshop warp tool presets to curve or morph the ticker around your wall or enclosure.
edit -> transform -> warp

For angled ticker use the distort or perspective tool.
edit -> transform -> distort

As part of your rendering if you need to insert specifications or reference drawings you can refer to Ticker Specifications. If you have any issues or questions as you create your Ticker rendering email us at for assistance.