Looking for Digital Signage

Campus-wide it’s important to share information with students, faculty and visitors. Digital Signs are a great way to visually communicate information as people pass through your hallways. Campus displays have a variety of applications and can be used to meet the specific needs of your school.


  • Way-finding

    One of the most popular uses of campus displays is to provide a maps and directions to users. Visitors, students and faculty alike need easy access to find rooms and resources on campus. By integrating with Google Maps you can also select key points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, and local attractions to help guests get directions and quickly transfer them to their mobile device using QR codes.

    Campus Events

    Each week countless activities happen on campus. By leveraging digital signs you can quickly communicate what is happening each week to help drive awareness and attendance. Events can be managed from a Google Calendar, your Event Management System, via RSS, or by maintaining a simple spreadsheet or text fields. Whatever is best fits your circumstances.

  • Social Media

    Social media is a big part of campus life. There are numerous social media outlets that appeal to students and to faculty. Leveraging our free gadgets you incorporate social media to better connect with students and to automate content to keep your displays fresh and engaging.

    Faculty Directory

    An interactive display can act as a digital concierge to help students and visitors find the right person. By posting your faculty and staff directory on a touch enabled display a user can quickly sort the list by name, department, location or any other field you deem appropriate. You can even provide pop up cards to show pictures, bios, office hours and more.

  • Photos and Video

    It’s great to have text and basic images on your campus display, but videos and photos make a basic display something fun and more interactive for students and faculty. With our platform you’ll be able to include the latest videos and photos from around campus. You can easily incorporate videos from popular social media sites like Vimeo and Flickr. It’s the perfect way to make the campus experience even more enjoyable.

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