Digital Displays

Digital displays are used everywhere. Any organization with a physical location that wants to communicate with visitors and customers can use digital displays to entertain, educate and sell. The most popular commercial-grade displays are 46” and 55” leveraging LED backlighting to provide a slim profile. Digital displays are controlled by our Free content management platform and can be updated from any web connected computer providing you with complete control over your content.

If you would like to see a short 90 second overview of the digital display technology watch the following:

42″ NEC (V423) 46″ NEC (V463) 55″ NEC (V552) 65″ NEC (V652)
Screen Size (total)
42 inch 46 inch 55 inch 65 inch
Power Consumption
88 watts 76 watts 100 watts 185 watts
38.3 x 22.3 inches 41.7 x 24.1 inches 49.2 x 28.4 inches 60.6 x 35.8 inches
Cabinet Depth / Mounting Depth
2.7 / 3.53 inches 2.6 / 3.43 inches 2.5 / 3.33 inches 3.5 / 4.33 inches
Bezel Thickness
.7 inches (18.3mm) .7 inch (18.3mm) .7 inches (18.3mm) 2.1 inches (53mm)
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All displays have 1920×1080 resolution (1080P) with a referesh rate of 60hz, have integrated speakers, and are compaitible with the OPS (slot in) media players. V series displays are designed for indoor use (cabinets are not weatherproofed) and for operation up to 18 hours per day (not designed for 24/7 operation).

Prices includes Flat Wall Mount (Peerless SUF 660) and 90 degree power cord.

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